Latex and memory foam mattress, can be used on two sides?

Latex and memory foam mattress:

Usually, the mattresses on the market are divided by the type of material used in the realization process. So there are three product categories:

– Latex

– Memory foam

– Independent pocket springs

To combine two types of seemingly irreconcilable mattresses, we designed the mattress with latex and memory foam. To create it we thought of a plate with a 6-layer structure. The outer layers of the slab are in memory foam and latex; the internal ones, according to the sandwich scheme, are alternated with different types of water-foamed polyurethane.

The slab in all is 26 centimeters high and can support weights up to 110 kilograms. With the hypoallergenic padding, the thickness of the mattress is 28 centimeters. The cover is removable.

What is a latex and memory foam mattress for?

Described the latex and memory foam mattress, let’s move on to a key concept. What is the latex and memory foam mattress used for? Simply to be used on two sides, then side in memory and latex side. Depending on our tastes and preferences in terms of rest.

The internal structure allows you to still enjoy a beneficial mattress on which you can rest night after night. And then choosing it allows us to have a compromise between the comfortable, warm and cozy memory foam mattress with the most sustained fresh and breathable latex mattress.

Why choose this mattress?

Let’s get to the pivotal point of this business, why should we choose this memory foam and latex mattress? It is very simple because you want a multi-purpose mattress, which can be very similar to a mattress of the more “traditional” type, without compromising the innovation of the product, consisting of the innovative memory foam layer with an open cellular structure.

Or, much more simply, because it is an exceptional product, that we are sure will receive a wide success among all of you who are reading.

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